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Lorette D. Farris
President & CEO
Business Strategist
Lorette is a seasoned and well-rounded financial services professional having served clients' needs for insurance, investment banking, business brokerage through mergers and acquisitions. She’s served in roles to include Director of Compliance, Chief Operating Officer, President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair. As Principal, Lorette was responsible for the oversight of a $35 million investment banking firm with seven regional offices and upwards of 300 employees ranging from million dollar producers to telemarketers, administrators, trading and compliance personnel – raising over half a billion dollars for small cap companies. Today Lorette and iBOSS help startup and early stage business founders identify, connect and engage with investors to raise seed and first-round capital.

Ms. Farris is the host of Resources Unplugged on public access cable Channel 10 in Fairfax, VA, showcasing small businesses and growth oriented resources for their benefit. She’s the creator of The iBOSS Pitch Perfect Show, a video program for startup and early stage company founders to pitch their businesses to audiences of capital, customers and collaborators as they compete for valuable prizes.  She’s a former co-host of Smart Business, a radio talk show for and about business owners and the issues they face. She has appeared in several respected publications and has been honored on numerous occasions for her diligence and dedication to assisting entrepreneurs and emerging companies. She has generously applied her expertise as a guest speaker, panelist, and workshop/seminar trainer on numerous occasions.


Cory G Wilburn
Chief Technology Officer
Cory Wilburn oversees the setup and requisite training for client back office workspaces, database management, investor sourcing, hardware and software maintenance. He ensures each projects’ process and delivery system takes advantage of current best-in-class tools and applications for the selected workflow process, customizing each clients’ back office workspace to support a user friendly experience.
Cory’s background includes Systems Administration, with responsibilities that spanned phone system and network maintenance; hardware and software installation, maintenance and troubleshooting; personnel management systems and payroll processing. As Service Technician for a major credit card processing company he created processing profiles and software solutions, while providing technical assistance for hardware and software issues. Both positions involved significant creation, testing, and deployment of internal systems and processes for individualized needs including remote environments.


John N Marshall Jr
Corporate Funds Relationship Liaison
John provides relationship development services through his vast network of Fortune 500 Corporations and advocacy industry connections. Spearheading iBOSS’s initiative to foster strategic and financial partnerships for our clients.                                         
A dynamic, versatile, business management professional with over 25 years experience in business development, administrative operations, program planning, referral development marketing, consultative sales, business and service line management. A results-driven visionary able to identify and develop new ideas from conception to completion. Excellent organization, interpersonal and leadership skill sets, with a proven talent for acquiring, negotiating and expanding business volumes. Recognized as an effective team-builder, change agent and problem solver in meeting the strategic goals and objectives of organizations with whom he has been affiliated.


Sylvia Henderson
Training Director
Sylvia has joined the iBOSS Team helping to develop and deliver both virtual and in-person training programs. Levaraging her extensive years of experience working with individuals and small businesses, she has harnessed the requisite talents to develop entrepreurs pitchig skills.
Sylvia draws on decades of corporate & non-profit leadership, training & facilitation, professional speaking, entrepreneurial business development, and executive coaching experiences to prepare individuals and teams to make effective pitches to audiences of one, a panel, or a room full of potential investors..


Clinton E. Jones
Chief Financial Officer
Clinton provides financial planning, reporting and management services for iBOSSinc and its clients.
Strategically using financial information to expose operational issues while providing solutions designed to support healthy growth.
President and founder of Clinton Jones & Associates he worked for over two decades in public companies, Government agencies and large Not-for-Profits as a senior executive. Clinton was Regional Vice President of Finance for a publicly traded insurance company. He developed a financial institution for a large non-profit entity that had spent eight years developing a credit union for its members. 


Donya Myrick
Director Client Relations
Donya provides professional virtual services to manage the servicing of client accounts. She’s a certified paralegal and licensed Community Association Manager, experienced in coordinating real estate transactions, homeowner association, and owner relation’s management for a luxury residential development in the Bahamas and large timeshare companies’ residential properties. An English major with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, she’s proficient in customer relations, research and document preparation.

“We give the highest of honor and recommendation of Lorette Farris and to the iBOSS, Inc., development system for small businesses of any type or size.”

- Tia Young, Director
Sage Solutions GTM, LLC

“I unabashedly recommend Lorette and iBOSS to assist with any capital campaign strategy!”

- James Pham, CEO
EnlighTea Cafe Corporate & Franchises

“With the skill-set she possesses, Lorette is positioned to help advance the growth strategies of small businesses. Her vast knowledge [and expertise] provides her clients with a formidable resource.”

- Donald Carroll Moragne
The Success Zone

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