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Self-Issuer Back Office Services

iBOSS mission is to demystify the process of raising investment capital for start-ups and early-stage high-growth companies. Providing implementation and support services to build, implement and monitor a compliant campaign built for multiple raises as developed in the Capital Formation Plan. 

Similar to how investment banks raise capital for their clients, two significant provisions of the JOBS Act of 2012 support this process for small business. With these new regulations you can essentially become your own Investment Banker (Self-Issuer) through the following regulations: 

  • Private Placement: Reg D 506C general solicitation provisions – you can raise an unlimited amount of capital, however average $3 million dollar raises are customary 
  • Direct Public Offering (DPO): Reg A+ - provisions to raise up to $50 million dollars in public stock


‚ÄčiBOSSinc Training

  • Helps you develop a back office system to manage the process of raising capital. 
  • Does not counsel you on legal aspects of raising capital, we highly recommend legal counsel.
  • We provide on-the-job investment banking compliance and operations training.


If you answer “yes” to any of the following, contact iBOSS for a free consultation.  

  •     Do you need to raise capital and are ready to become a self-issuer? 
  •     If you don’t want to go it alone and are seeking an industry experienced advisor.  
  •     Do you have a budget for part-time assistant, as you know it takes money to raise money? 
  •     Have you been spinning you wheels trying to get money source to take you serious?
  •     Do you understand the process in general but unsure of how to begin?
  •     Are you concerned about the time raising capital takes away from building the business?


Tools we use to help you get to the capital you need:

                                                          Free Download                                          Check out CCA Fund-I
                                        The Secrets of Wall Street



Let us answer any question you might have:

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“We give the highest of honor and recommendation of Lorette Farris and to the iBOSS, Inc., development system for small businesses of any type or size.”

- Tia Young, Director
Sage Solutions GTM, LLC

“I unabashedly recommend Lorette and iBOSS to assist with any capital campaign strategy!”

- James Pham, CEO
EnlighTea Cafe Corporate & Franchises

“With the skill-set she possesses, Lorette is positioned to help advance the growth strategies of small businesses. Her vast knowledge [and expertise] provides her clients with a formidable resource.”

- Donald Carroll Moragne
The Success Zone

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iBOSS (Internet Back Office Systems and Services, Inc.)
Placing you in charge with the knowledge and training to raise capital for your on-going business needs.
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