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Leslie Woodward, CEO of Edenesque

A socially conscious passionate artisanal food creator

For the past few months I have been working with iBoss to assist me in creating a capital formation campaign. Admittedly, I did not know what that meant or how effective our relationship could be considering we are located in separate states. Well, after working with iBoss and Lorette, the information and guidance that Lorette has provided has proven to be invaluable especially for a new startup/young entrepreneur. iBoss has exceeded my expectations by assisting me with comprehensive and strategic business planning while providing tools to become more empowered as a young business owner ...I am definitely much more savvy and knowledgeable after working with Lorette and my company is moving forward prodigiously and expeditiously. I consider iBoss a part of my team and they have become more of a partner. Moreover, iBoss works within an Eco-system of specialists (attorney, business plan writer, business advisor, marketing and public relations, bookkeeping) that are at the top of their fields and operate with very high standards and expectations. These services are available to provide additional support for your business efforts, alleviating the need to search and vet for these services. I am truly fortunate to have such a dynamic, professional, supportive and talented team in my corner.

Ronald Wimmer, Retired

Lorette spoke at our Southern Maryland Real Estate Investment Club meeting. Her knowledge concerning the Impact of Crowd Funding on Real Estate Investing was extensive, well received, and useful for all attendees. I would certainly recommend her and appreciated her speaking at the event.

Dr. Rob Adams, CEO Space International Senior Mid Atlantc Director, DC-MD-VA Metro Region

If you are seeking funding, Lorette is the lady to whom you want to speak. She knows the "ropes" to the capital world from loans to angel investors to crowdfunding she can guide you to your needed funds.

Phil Andrews, President at Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce (LIAACC)

Lorette Farris, President of iBoss Inc. is and excellent speaker to present at your local chamber of commerce or business association. The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. benefited greatly from her knowledge of how to find capital in the new capital market and her knowledge of regulations regarding raising investment capital was well received by all those in attendance at our monthly business forum.
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Marva Marsh, Healing Hands, PST
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Feedback from Sage Solutions’ Strategic Talks
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iBOSS CAB Participants
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Kathy Kitts of NeuGrowth
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David West
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Fernando Suarez & Bob Rippeon

“We give the highest of honor and recommendation of Lorette Farris and to the iBOSS, Inc., development system for small businesses of any type or size.”

- Tia Young, Director
Sage Solutions GTM, LLC

“I unabashedly recommend Lorette and iBOSS to assist with any capital campaign strategy!”

- James Pham, CEO
EnlighTea Cafe Corporate & Franchises

“With the skill-set she possesses, Lorette is positioned to help advance the growth strategies of small businesses. Her vast knowledge [and expertise] provides her clients with a formidable resource.”

- Donald Carroll Moragne
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