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While technology and new regulations have leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs raising capital for their businesses (crowd sourcing), the next step is for Main Street businesses to embrace these New Capital Markets made available. The sheer fact that these tools are shrouded in years and volumes of securities regulations highlights the importance of understanding best practices for HOW to raise capital from “the crowd”.  Crowd sourcing to raise capital is much broader than “crowdfunding” many associate with the term. 
Our New Capital Markets: Virtual Training Programs are Designed for

    •    Start-ups & Early Staged Business Founders with

    •    High Growth / Income Business Models (Investor Sweet Spot) 

    •    Seeking Seed to Development Stage Capital from $250,000—$5,000,000

We help demystify the rules and regulations so you can raise significant capital efficiently, cost-effectively and within compliance of all securities regulations. Essentially helping Main Street businesses use Wall Street Vehicles to raise capital like a Pro. As with any other compliance, once you understand the regulation all that’s left is to build your process  - success is then yours.




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Virtual Pitch Training

Check out the The Next American Icon then let iBOSS help you qualify. Check for our next Virtual Pitch Training Program. See how to Audition for the iBOSS Pitch Perfect Show.

iBOSSinc Virtual Pitch Training - Course Overview

Virtual Capital Formation Planning

Check out the Commonwealth Capital Fund-I then let iBOSS help you qualify. Check for our next Virtual Training: Capital Formation Planning

iBOSSinc Virtual Capital Formation Planning - Course Overview





SEC Approves Title III of JOBS Act - Equity Crowdfunding

Interested in Crowdfunding? Learn how to leverage the new Title III Crowdfunding regulations finally enacted by the SEC. The iBOSS BOLLD! Initiative helps both businesses seeking capital and those interested in investing in businesses understand how to effectively use these landmark provisions.



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“We give the highest of honor and recommendation of Lorette Farris and to the iBOSS, Inc., development system for small businesses of any type or size.”

- Tia Young, Director
Sage Solutions GTM, LLC

“I unabashedly recommend Lorette and iBOSS to assist with any capital campaign strategy!”

- James Pham, CEO
EnlighTea Cafe Corporate & Franchises

“With the skill-set she possesses, Lorette is positioned to help advance the growth strategies of small businesses. Her vast knowledge [and expertise] provides her clients with a formidable resource.”

- Donald Carroll Moragne
The Success Zone

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