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iBOSS provides standard operating procedures and tools you need to source, attract, and engage with investors, lenders and others. Our capital coaching and back-office solutions are tailored to help you optimize your growth while preparing for your exit. We help you achieve your goals and scale your business efficiently and effectively in-time and on-budget.

We Work Your Way

Through the Digital XceleratorTM we provide tailored, tech-driven coaching to accelerate business planning and development for solopreneurs through development stage business owners and their teams. We meet you where you are:


Done By You

Self-paced digital coaching programs and training conferences.
  • Digital Coach
  • Membership
  • Training Conferences

Done With You

Hybrid virtual coaching programs for individuals, teams and groups. 
  • Digital Coach + Capital Coach
  • Coach On Demand
  • Mastermind and Focus Groups

Done For You

Back office solutions from social media management to capital campaigns.
  • Digital Coach + Advisor
  • Action Plans
  • Virtual Team

Scale-Up & Cash-Out

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Vintage Takes

Hear snippets of conversations between thought leaders, business builders and capital resources.

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  • Investors want to make money!
  • Hiring Board Members!
  • Investors take on Startups!

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